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Toronto is the capital of Canada, and it also doubles up as the best option for enjoying the best with art and culture on the Canadian region. Let s check out the best options for enjoying one of the excellent options in terms of the perfect art and culture scene in Toronto. Make sure that you have made the relevant and best arrangements for the right transportation such as Toronto Party Bus for a more decent experience.

The Art Gallery of Ontario

Known as AGO, The Art Gallery of Ontario has been known to be an immersive form of the museum. It has a collection of over 95000 works that you would want to explore. You can explore the global and Canadine art scene from close quarters. There is also a large permanent collection by the famous Canadian Group of Seven. You would also witness the European masterpieces such as Paul Rubens’s The Massacre of The Innocents.

Hockey Hall of Fame

A visit to the city of Toronto would not be complete without a visit to the favourite pastime of Canada. The Hockey Hall of Fame is dedicated in the service of the best of Hocky and of course, Ice Hockey. The venue has the original Stanley World Cup, as well as other trophies, memorabilia, and equipment worn by famous players. The building itself is much impressive and you would find it all the more interesting.

The Royal Museum of Ontario

The next staple for those looking forward to the best possible art scenario in Toronto, can be to look for The Royal Museum of Ontario. The building that houses the museum is a piece of art in itself. The amazing mix of heritage architecture and contemporary “Crystal” addition here should make it stand apart from the rest. It focusses on art, world culture, and natural history. It also showcases the best experience into the culture that includes dinosaur fossils, Chinese architecture, First Peoples’ art and culture, costumes and textiles.

Casa Loma

Casa Loma is a castle and has a huge history behind it. It was once a large castle and was owned by Canadian soldier and financier Sir Henry Pellatt. The Casa Loma castle has over 98 rooms, several towers, and five acres of estate gardens. The permanent installations such as a classic car collection can further make it one of the excellent options that you would find all the more interesting. The other attractions in this castle would include Terrace Grill, Liberty Cafe, or Blueblood Steakhouse.

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Aga Khan Museum

Next on our list is the Aga Khan Museum. Named after the Imam and spiritual leader of the Ismaili Muslims, it is a museum dedicated to the artistic, intellectual, and scientific heritage of Muslim civilizations past and present. You would also want to fall in love with the other attractions that include ceramics, metalworks, paintings, and religious manuscripts.

Well, if you think you have fallen in love with the art and culture scenario in and around Toronto, you would find the options outlined in this post to be quite decent in their own right. Hire the transportation options available at your disposal and get access to one of the most prominent experiences ever.


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