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Toronto is one of the most interesting and unique options that you would find quite unique and exciting in more ways than one. However, in case you are checking out a few great options in achieving a few of the promising options in terms of the best things to do in downtown Toronto.

Enjoy the Victorian architecture in the Distillery district

To begin with, the distillery district is the pedestrian only region and no vehicles are allowed here. It can be a great choice for achieving one of the excellent options to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. You can find a huge range of restaurants, art galleries and boutiques located here. One of the best options that you would fall in love with here can be the charming 19th century buildings.

Visit the best museums and learn the history

If you are someone who loves the history and wants to go back into the history, Toronto does provide you access to a great degree of attractions in the form of museums that let you understand art, history, fashion and science. You have access to a handful of museums here and you would find that it would provide you access to science and natural history landmarks. The museums here offer discounts for the families which should be one of the unique experiences ever. Some prominent names can be Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) and the Bata Shoe Museum.

Explore the Kensington market, Toronto

In case you love the multicultural experience, the Kensington market should perhaps be something that you would find all the more exciting and unique. it was even declared to be the National Historic Site of Canada. You will find practically anything that you would want to check out here. The homemade empanadas and third-wave vegan coffee shops are a couple o options that you would find all the more exciting in Toronto.

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Get cheaper beer and other attractions in China Town

China Town in Toronto is yet another great option for enjoying a great atmosphere of Toronto. Even when it is a little smaller when compared to other regions, it does offer you a host of out of this world experiences. The choicest options for the delicious steamed and pan-fried dumplings and cheap beer are a few of the attractions that you would find extremely exciting.

Well, no matter which locations among them would you want to go with, it is always practical to opt for the right transportation options. The party bus in Toronto is one of the most unique, affordable and most reliable transportation options that you would find quite rewarding and unique in practically every right. The courteous nature of the chauffeurs and service providers and the whole lot of amenities that form part of the package are what would make it a great option ever. The high-end service quality and punctuality offered by the service provider should ideally make it something that you would want to explore to the core.


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